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Back Up Tool?

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    Default Back Up Tool?

    Anyone here familiar about Ghost Cloning? As far as I know it is a software used as a disk cloning and back up tool. I have encountered and observed how Ghost software is used but haven't tried it myself. Since it is a disk cloning tool, I would just like to aks if it is only intended for HDD storage devices? If it is, then what cloning or back tool is used for SSD?
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    It should work for SSD also. Before trying anything, make a copy/paste backup of a maximum of your data to somewhere safe. Now, for the cloning, you can use Norton Ghost. Connect the target SSD to your working computer. In that software, you just need to select 'Copy my hard drive' and then 'Clone' from the source. You can test your cloned system in another computer before destroying or selling your old HDD. If that didn't work, try to install an internal SSD in your computer case.

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    A ghost backup is done using a ghost clone making software such as Norton Ghost. Using such type of software we can easily clone an entire hard drive. The cloned image is stored as GHO extension format. It can be stored anywhere in your PC or in a USB drive. Whenever, you need to recover your data back, You can simply run Norton Ghost or any other software like that and open that GHO file in it. It will then restore all your data.

    Ghost clone is also beneficial for cloning the whole operating system. It is a faster and more reliable method of re-installing the operating system again.

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