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Best Motherboard

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    Default Best Motherboard

    In purchasing a motherboard, is it important to consider its compatibility with the processor, memory and storage device (i.e. SSD, HDD)? What would be the best windows 10 OS ready motherboard is recommended if I were to have a dual core processor? Aside from power supply, motherboard, memory, processor and storage device, what else is needed to run a Desktop Computer?

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    The compatibility is based on the following items..
    1. processor socket. (LGA 745, 1145, ...etc). The socket on the mother board and the processor should match.
    2. FSB frequency (Applies for the RAM as well)

    No compatibly issues for storage, all are swappable!

    Most mother boards now available in the market are Win 10 ready. You have to make the choice based on your experiences, or review. I had been using Intel, but now that they have stopped production of mother boards, I would suggest msi.

    Check the webpage
    You have the option on the left side of the page, so you don't have to worry about compatibility!
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    Asus all the way, nobody makes better motherboards. I've got five computers at my home office, four of which have Asus motherboards. I've never experienced any problems with them and my PCs are running all day long. The good news is that all motherboards, and most desktops and laptops coming out these days are Windows 10 ready, or come with this OS pre-installed.

    You'll need to pick up an ATX or micro ATX case, depending on the footprint you'd prefer. Just be careful if you go with a micro ATX case, that all your components will fit and there is proper ventilation for air circulation.

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    Firstly, you will need a compatible motherboard .
    Secondly, if I could pick on motherboard it would be Asus' motherboard. They are the best.

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    Yes, it has to be compatible with all that components, and if you want to do Overclock, it also needs to have some specs besides the compatibility with the components (don't ask me why, but I know that it needs some aditional specs). And of course that it needs to be compatible with Windows 10, the good news, as the other users said, is that when a new operating system is launched generally the motherboards that are for sale (90%) are already compatible with it.

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    Your CPU and RAM give your PC power, your video card keeps it gaming late into the night, and that PC Ethernet jack is its lifeline to the world—but it's your PC's motherboard that brings everything together. When you want to buy a new one, whether as part of a full system upgrade or just to acquire some snazzy new jacks or abilities, the range of choices can be overwhelming.

    The first step is figuring out the basics: What features do you need? And how much are you willing to spend? While we can't answer these questions for you, this guide will help demystify the myriad mysterious pieces of the misunderstood motherboard, and give you the tools you need to find the one best suited for you and your PC. Once you're up to speed, check out our top board recommendations, as well as "Surf Boards" (PDF chart) for a survey of some of the latest models on the market.

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