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IPTV advantage

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    The computer has invaded almost all sectors of our lives. No place or situation today is bereft of the use of computers. The computer technology invaded the idiot box in our living room some time ago with ‘digitalization’ in the form of direct-to-home (DTH) high quality digital pictures. Now, another computer technology has affected the idiot box in a new way. This technology proposes the discarding of antennas, cable TV wires, and the DTH set top box to bring to you television viewing through the internet.

    This technology is known as the Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technology. IPTV delivers digital television service through a system that delivers broadband connection to our homes.

    All channels being broadcast are encoded in a format defined by Internet Protocol (IP). This code is then delivered to television sets through a device that decodes the earlier encoding. The transfer of information happens on a network. The device that decodes and delivers the final transmission of channels is smarter than the regular set top box.

    Advantages of IPTV

    * It is possible to pause a live transmission through IPTV. The viewer will no longer miss any part of his/her programme if he/she has to attend to urgent work.

    * IPTV lets you record your favourite programmes so that you can watch them at a time convenient to you. Furthermore, you can record multiple programmes at the same time through IPTV.

    * IPTV ensures high quality of sound and picture, almost like when a DVD is played.

    * All the channels that are live and are being broadcast can be availed through IPTV. Thus, a viewer does not miss out on any of his favourite shows that run on ‘rarely available’ channels.

    * IPTV is not affected by changes in the weather unlike cable TV and DTH service. Apart from being a high quality service, IPTV gains a brownie point for providing uninterrupted transmission during bad weather.

    Drawback with IPTV

    A high speed is set as the minimum for smooth transmission. On a slow network, there could be delays or packet loss at times leading to problems in the transmission.

    Future of IPTV

    IPTV seems to have a bright future what with convergence playing on people’s minds. The telephone, the computer, and the TV can be run by the same company through the same network, thereby saving consumers a lot of hassle. However, it is also argue that only technology-savvy people will be interested in a convergence or the benefits of IPTV.

    While it is somewhat correct that computer-savvy people will be more likely to opt for IPTV, proper marketing and making the potential customer aware of IPTV’s benefits will make people interested in the new technology. Earlier it has been seen that proper market and clear communication have been able to build a good consumer base of the DTH service.

    IPTV is yet to pick up in India. However, if the IPTV companies can prove to their potential customers that IPTV is more advantageous than the cable service or the now popular DTH service, IPTV is likely to become a huge hit in the country.

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    I think the main disadvantage of IPTV is that you need a high speed internet which is stable, and the only advantage of IPTV is that its not affected by the weather like DTH is.

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    You forgot one thing Popcorn, also if the internet gets disconnected then your out of TV aswell!!!

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