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Are DTH Service Providers Tricking The Customers?

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    Default Are DTH Service Providers Tricking The Customers?

    One of the fears that people have when it comes to buying themselves a DTH connection is that once we invest our money in any of these DTH services we will be forced to be with them forever. If we want to switch to a different service provider, we will have to pay again for the set top box. Though companies like Sun DTH are advertising that set top box is free, they charge an additional Rs. 1000 for the installation along with the other subscription charges. So we will be forced to pay this fee when we want to switch the service provider.

    However, why would a customer want to switch their DTH service provider? There are number of reasons why a customer would want to move to a different DTH provider. First of all, the service can be poor with no are very little customer support. Secondly, the cost of the monthly subscription may be high when compared to the other service providers. One of the possible risks that we can anticipate here is that some of the channels that are part of the basic package may be moved to premium or paid channels and there by indirectly increasing the monthly subscription charges constantly. This may cause the customers to move from one service provider to the other.

    Looking at the current DTH scenario in India, it has to be noted that there is an increasing level of competition and more DTH service providers are likely to enter the market soon including Videocon. This will make the initial costs and recurring monthly costs more and more competitive. So in this scenario, DTH service providers even if they want to trick the customers, cannot really do much. India is also open to IPTV, which will become another major competitor to DTH so to retain the customers DTH service providers to win the trust of their customers and provide top-notch customer service. Soon even the set top boxes and the installation fee too may be waived to get more customers so people will not lose anything when they switch from one service provider to the next.

    As of now, Sun DTH is becoming increasingly popular in both North and South. Dish TV is losing its market owing to its high monthly package rates and Tata Sky is competing neck to neck with Sun DTH even though it has been an older player in the market. BigTV DTH and Airtel DTH are still trying to create an impact in the market. Added to this Videocon is soon to enter the market. Such a competition is of advantage to the consumers because it makes DTH services more affordable. The monthly subscriptions too have come down so much with some of the DTH players like Sun DTH, which is offering its basic package at Rs. 75. Cable TV operators are charging a minimum monthly subscription of Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 depending on the area. So we can confidently go for DTH service of our choice without any fear of being tricked by the DTH services.

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    Yes. DTH players are cheating the customers, albiet indirectly.

    a) They lure the customers with very low into packages. They even give free CPE or channels for some time.
    b) Once the customer is locked in, it is almost next to impossible for her/him to change/switch because s/he will need to pay the initial setup cost (typically Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500) again.
    c) They change the packages arbitrarily and what you found money-worthy earlier is no more so. This was first (infamously) started by TataSky when they removed all sports channels and packaged them separately. Now all others are doing the same.

    TRAI should make CPE inter-operable. But it appears that CPE actually belongs to the vendor. Yes. You could fight and keep the CPE after disconnection but it is useless anyway.
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    Interoperability IS a must. This is capitalism has gone wild. Also, the nexus between the big business and politicians has something to do with this. There iis no regulation what so ever over here.

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    TRAI should act proactive in interest of customer to safe guard the money we spend in DTH,

    every provider should adapt interoperability , as commitment to provide better service to the customers.

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    I have Tata Sky and i feel that the packages they have are a useless bundle. I hardly watch 1 or 2 channels and i feel that i am paying a bomb for unwanted channels.

    Is it possible to change the DTH service provider by changing the STB or the smard card in it?

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    great article post

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