There was a timer when invention of TV was considered as big revolutionary step in the area of science and technology, but the world of technology grows faster and it is determined to bring something better and bigger for better future.

The black and white television is now replaced with color TV; earlier fewer channels were broadcast but now hundreds are channel are broadcast. Your normal CRT is now replaced with LCD for better viewing experience. These few changes took place in television world in last few years.

To make your TV experience better now channel is broadcast digitally, the picture quality and sound quality of digital channel is far better than analog channel. Digital TV is certainly a big giant leap in the world of TV viewing. It has many advantages over traditional television. Many channels have now become digital channel. Asia net now has also become Asia net digital TV, offering better sound and picture quality to its viewers.

One of the best feature about digital channel is it consume less bandwidth space, so you can enjoy more channels on same bandwidth without paying for extra space. To enjoy digital TV channel broadcasting, all you need is to install set top converter box, to your analog TV set. Digital TV will provide a completely new dimension to TV viewing.

Digital TV offers various other services like digital interactivity, multimedia, electronic programming guides, language and suitable option, or multiplexing to its viewers. Images displayed in digital channels are made of smaller pixels as a result they are sharper in comparison to images displayed in analog TV

Digital TV technology is still in its infant stage and it has certain drawbacks as well. Due to limitation of bandwidth and compression of algorithm, there are certain defects in picture quality and quantization noise.