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What is iControl TV Connection?

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    Default What is iControl TV Connection?

    The future television connection of India is iControl. It is a kind of service that helps you control the television all your way you want. Before you think it to be something new form of cable or DHT TV let me correct you that it is not and it is something very much personal to you.
    No longer would the cable guys or the DHT service providers decide what to watch, when to watch and whom to watch for you. It no longer rules your world of TV anymore. Now forget the timings that used to bother you and you had always the worry to find the favorite program missed! Now you decide watching of TV programs with iControl at your convenience and watch the programs at anytime you wish – coming back from office or after coming late night from parties.
    iControl is the first IPTV service in Indian which has been launched by AKSH in association with MTNL where you would require no broadband, no computer, no DVD or no telephone line. The "i" in ‘iControl’ actually stands for interactivity which is currently non-existent in Televisions.
    For experiencing such controlled television watching experience you need a TV, remote of your Set-Top Box, and your wish and control. The biggest advantage of iControl is its interactive facility which enables viewers to play and pause all content which is not possible with Cable TV, DHT, or CAS. Here the bandwidth is free and you don’t have to pay for the bandwidth for watching television with iControl. Now you can watch the missed program even after you come late to home with your iControl controlling all your programs.
    You also get the advantage of watching the satellite channels on the IPTV and enjoy any favorite program that you have missed in the passed three days. you can also get Video on Demand options where movies, songs and videos would be played at your request. Get iControl and bring back control to your life.

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    The main theme of having full control of your TV programme schedule sounds interesting.
    Any idea about its pricing?

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