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indigital cable (digital channels) DVB-C?

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    Default indigital cable (digital channels) DVB-C?

    I have indigital cable connection with settop box which provides digital channels.
    I just bought elgato usb eyetv hybrid tv tuner, when i scan for DVB-C I don't get any digital channels!
    only analog channels can be seen.
    in windows media center.

    what program should i use so that i can see digital channels through the tv tuner?

    i tried progdvb but i don't know what's the frequency etc of indigital cable network.

    does anyone know?

    from settop box i can see that there's something like:

    330.00 MHz to 498.00MHz, and 64 QAM and 6900 MSPS.

    that's all i can see from the settop box.

    is there any software available which can scan for digital channels provided i insert above mentioned values?
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