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Suggestion: Satellite Box for T.V.

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    Question Suggestion: Satellite Box for T.V.

    Hello Friends,

    I have been reading articles & searching websites for Indian Channels. We all know that we can find out free online Channels in Seconds on Search Engine. But I am talking about real thing SATELLITE BOX with Remote for a Indian TV Viewer to watch without any PC or Internet connection.
    If any Viewer is using or knows any company/Service, I would love to see your reply as I am pretty certain that it should be available in market. If possible I would like to know the Procedure of installation also.
    This Service needs to operate in EUROPE ( As I am aware many Indians are using this Service in Dubai which is pretty close to India)

    Thank you so much and appreciate your response!

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    Bharat Sarkar DD DTH should be Ok. one time payment.
    ( No monthly subscription)
    What you have mentioned is SUN DTH etc renewed Online
    Para two:
    You need a Dish Antenna .
    ( built in S band amplifier) Now called settop box.
    Satellite receiver tunable for the GHz band. ( remote control )
    Details of the TV satellites beaming free channels ( Not coded ). from web.
    Dish orientation. details.

    This was a craze ( out of fashion )some years back to receive Srilanka and other foreign TVs. Just like DD's DTH service now.
    Dish cost was around Rs 1 lakh !!

    UMS a company in Coimbatore made a single dish antenna to get different satellites beaming .TV channels from different elevation and azimuth.( company no longer in business )

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    Thanks for your Valuable reply! I am not sure DD DTH will work in Overseas (Europe). Don't you have any Product which can be Purchase on Amazon or Ebay with all equipments.

    Also, How Can I Connect with Indian Satellite in order to View Channels.

    Appreciate it!

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    For receiving from Satellites beaming Indian DTH channels, there should be foot Print
    in Europe.
    Unlikely you will get any.! Need Satellite details /. Ku band etc.

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    Yup, peole living in Dubai will get the "spill off" signals from the Indian satellites, or satellites beaming prgs to India. Technically its illegal to use any Indian DTH service in UAE, but still we do since this is much cheaper than what we have to pay for the local service providers there.

    I dont think there are much Indian channels foot print available there.
    My suggestion is visit the web page of satellites, and see what content they are carrining. If you find any Indian channels, download the foot print of the satellite and see whether if its available in your area.

    I wonder, these might be pay channels even if you find any Indian channels.
    Do update if you find yourself lucky.

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