The name of the digital set top box is nowadays widely heard in every Indian household, especially after the court orders that have made it mandatory, pushing the old and outdated cable TV connections to obsolescence. The government has decided to upgrade the broadcasting and communication system in the country from the analog to the digital system which makes it necessary for one to have a set top box.

The set top box or the set top unit as it is called in many countries, is an information appliance device that comprises a tuner and connects to a television or any other source of a signal. Its function lies in tuning the original signal into a digital form which can then be displayed onto a television screen or a computer screen. The set top box can also be used to enhance quality of the audio involved. For these uses, the set top box is widely used in the world of satellite television.

Using the digital set top box is a modern step that allows the viewer to choose and pay only for those channels which they want to see; the digitization itself will increase the penetration of broadband, leading to more efficient service.

The set top box also enables the viewer to watch more channels than were possible in the analog system. It also enables the transmission of much better picture and audio quality, bringing the standards in India closer to the world standards.

In addition to all the technological benefits, the digital set top box ensures that you are not prey to the hands of the local cable operator and can choose whatever program you want to watch without spending money on unnecessary programming.

The set top box can be an expensive gadget to purchase, which is why a lot of consumers are generally shy of buying it. However, nowadays set top boxes are neither obscure nor expensive. Infact, your local cable operator might be able to give you the best possible deal on a set top box. Since all transmission has to become digital, every home requires a set top box if one wishes to continue to watch TV. Most cable operators will therefore offer you a number of choices in set top boxes. Moreover, they will offer you these set top boxes at premium rates, often in a monthly installment schemes.

Apart from offering the latest technology and the best quality transmission, the digital set top box is also an imperative tool if you want direct to home services. The benefit of direct to home services is that you are assured of quality broadcast and zero hassles. In such cases, the direct to home service itself gives you a set top box, which is used by the service. Most direct to home service providers like Tata Sky and Dish TV follow this procedure.

To sum it up, set top boxes, manufactured both in India and abroad, are desirable if we want to enter the 21st century with the latest technology and the best quality telecast.