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Dish TV vs Videcon D2H

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    Default Dish TV vs Videcon D2H

    I have had Dish for the past 2 and half years and its going fine, no problems at all. But just now I was viewing and reading the Videocon section and Ive seen alot of people are talking about it and its all good things.

    Is Videocon D2H better than Dish TV?

    Should I change my D2H provider?

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    Change only if you are not happy with Dish tv. There is no point spending money on a new box and installation. Videocon does have more HD channels and may be a tiny bit cheaper as well but it is still only a good option for those who want a new connection not for those who want to switch for no reason

    If Videocon has channels that you want to watch and Dish TV doesnt then by all means go for it. Thats what I think.

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