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Choosing a HD DTH Service

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    Default Choosing a HD DTH Service

    I live in Kolkata and am looking for a DTH HD connection. I would like the connection to have a balance of everything from picture quality to sound quality. From the threads which I have read Tata Sky does seem like a good option but is very costly as compared to other DTH providers. Airtel DTH has good picture quality but a limited number of channels. I am quite confused to which DTH service provider I should choose, I would like forum members to shed some light and help me choose the right HD DTH service which provides good SD and HD channels.

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    I have been using Tata sky for 10 years now and never had a problem. I have one HD recording box and others are plan HD boxes and they all do what Tata sky promises. I briefly used Airtel DTH for a new TV because Airtel dth HD box and a 3 month subscription came free with the TV back then and I dont remember anything bad about it apart from me not liking their remote and user interface. I am too used to tata sky's user interface and thier remote control so that might be the problem.

    End of the day they all do the same thing and cost more or less the same give or take 30-40 rs. Videocon DTH is supposed to be the least expensive out of the lot as I gather from other threads on the forum.

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