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I&B ministry accepts Trai recommendations on IPTV

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    Post I&B ministry accepts Trai recommendations on IPTV

    I&B ministry accepts Trai recommendations on IPTV
    The government has accepted the recommendations of broadcast tribunal Trai on Internet Protocol TV, setting the stage for faster growth of this new television channel distribution platform.
    A senior information and broadcasting ministry official said the government had accepted the Trai proposal on IPTV with minor changes.
    As part of the recommendations, the uplinking/downlinking norms would be amended to enable the broadcasters to provide signals to all distributors of TV channels, including IPTV service providers, once appropriate provisions are made in the policy.
    The IPTV segment has all the heavyweight players ~ MTNL, BSNL, Bharti, Reliance Communications ~ whcih have invested heavily in the network.
    MTNL has already started the service. In the meantime, some of the service providers have experienced difficulties in getting television channels from the broadcasters at prices on which DTH service providers are getting in line with Trai's determination of a-la-carte and bouquet prices on advisory basis.
    To have a smooth flow of channels for subscribers, Trai has received a consensus from the broadcasters to adopt non-discriminatory price regime on the composition of bouquets and pricing of channels on a-la-carte and bouquets basis for IPTV services.
    The ministry official said these steps should facilitate and expedite the conclusion of interconnection agreements between broadcasters and service providers to offer the services on competitive prices once appropriate provisions in policy are made by the government.
    IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is a system where a digital television service is delivered using Internet Protocol over a network infrastructure, which may include delivery by a broadband connection.

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    Icant explain why but Ive never been very enthusastic about iptv and in my opinion it would never take off like dth has in India. IPTV has a long way to go here in India and the scope is very limited to those people who have a land line telephone or who are willing to get one where as dth can be installed without any cables running into your house.

    The only way iptv can catch up is if service providers start giving a extremely good deal on bundles of iptv, telephone and broadband all in one package and a bit cheaper then if you take them all seperately from different service providers.

    What do you think?

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    yup admin is correct about the bundling packages... as i said earlier ur only gonna see a difference in 2012. when it comes to broadband and iptv!!

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