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New Offer- Zyaada Recharge Zyaada Return from Dishtv

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    Default New Offer- Zyaada Recharge Zyaada Return from Dishtv

    Just Check on Dishtv website the latest offer on recharge Zyaada Recharge = Zyaada Return.

    In This offer one has to recharge with Rs. 250 or Above and he can availa the benefit of free ala-carte worth 20%, 25% and 30% based on the amount you recharged with and based on the pack you subscribes to. And this 20%, 25% and 30% extra amount can be used to subscribe ala-carte pack from selected ala-carte packs.

    Let say one has recharge their pack with Rs.1000 and he is having suppose gold Pack so he falls under Plan 2 and can avail free ala-carte benefit of Rs.250 which he can use only for ala-carte subscription. Further he can subscribe to max 2 ala-carte packs and that too these ala-carte should be taken by subscriber with in 15 days of recharge and in one go.

    Recharge Offerings:

    Plan 1:
    1) (Silver Pack) Recharge: Rs. 250-Rs. 699, Return: 20% extra.
    2) (Gold) Recharge: Rs. 400-Rs. 999, Return: 20% extra.
    3) (Platinum) Recharge: Rs. 700-Rs. 1399, Return: 20% extra.


    1) (Silver) Recharge: Rs. 700-Rs. 1399, Return: 25% extra.
    2) (Gold) Recharge: Rs. 1000-Rs. 1999, Return: 25% extra.
    3) (Platinum) Recharge: Rs. 1400-Rs. 2999, Return: 25% extra.

    Plan 3:

    1) (Silver) Recharge: Rs. 1400 and above, Return: 30% extra.
    2) (Gold) Recharge: Rs. 2000 and above, Return: 30% extra.
    3) (Platinum) Recharge: Rs. 3000 and above, Return: 30% extra.

    Process to avail the Offer:

    Step 1: Choose a base pack and the corresponding amount to avail the additional value.
    Step 2: Remember higher the amount, higher the gain.
    Step 3: Order the Free A-la-Carte Packs (upto 2) with 15 days at one go. Your full value of Free A-la-Carte Packs basis your recharge value that you have earned, will be provided irrespective of the no. of packs chosen. i.e. If you choose a single A-la-Carte pack that will continue for a longer term vs. if you chose 2 packs where all two will be activated but for a shorter period.
    Step 4: Stay on the same pack to continue enjoying the benefits.
    Step 5: Remember not to get de-active at any stage to enjoy the ZRZR benefits.
    Step 6: If you wish to NOT continue with the A-La-Carte Pack as billed, remember to opt out or else the Packs shall continue on paid basis.

    Source: Dishtv website ::: Recharge Offer ::

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    Very Good Offer for existing subscribers.

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