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Postpaid Free Home Delivery offer in Dishtv is the Best

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    Default Postpaid Free Home Delivery offer in Dishtv is the Best

    Hi Everybody,

    This is my first post here, I am a Dishtv Subscriber since last year and pretty much satisfied with my Dishtv. Whether its Customer Service, packages or whether its pricing. I Find Dishtv is value of money to their subsribers.

    Further let me share my experience with Dishtv.

    I have planned to Buy my second Dishtv Connection for my second TV in other room. Though I am very much satisfied with my first connection so i decided to go for Second Dishtv Connection, But also checked and enquired about other connections and their packages as well and at the end decided to go with one more Dishtv Connection.

    So, i have decided to book through website, (As you might have aware of That they have Free postpaid Home Delivery of Connection), So I go to Dishtv Website and Order the Second Connection, So i filled up the details on the form and Submit and i got a token Noumber as a reference.

    (Also one can request for Free Home delivery of Postpaid Dishtv Connection by Sending SMS "dishtv" to 57575) Also check Dishtv website for more details.

    So in next around 4 hrs i have recieved a call from Dishtv team confirming about installation time. I have given the installation time of evening on the same day. And this time i am really amazed to see the fast and improved customer service from Dishtv. As when i have Enquired about Tata Sky they said it will take 48 hrs and Dishtv will take 24 Hrs.

    Further Dishtv Installer were came on the time in the evening and installed the complete connection and Activated and then collected the money and the necessary documents.

    Some Good Point:

    1. Its great to see Dishtv offering Free home delivery of Postpaid Connection where we have to pay the amount once the complete system is installed and activated.

    2. No Extra Charges for anything or no hidden charges Only Rs.1590 BOX charges + 200 Installation

    3. Experienced a very good customer service.

    4. Further After complete installation, the installer given a complete demo of the BOX.

    5. And good thing is our connection is installed and activated with in 24 hrs. Like mine i have ordered it in the morning and the connection is installed and activated by evening.

    6. I must say this is a very good initiative and service by DISHTV where they provide complete peace of mind. Just book your connection and relax.

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    Good for you.

    Please ensure that the second connection is installed as a child connection.
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    No, I have not taken that as child connection. This one also is parent or say single connection.

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    Default @Unregistered Guest

    First open an account on this site

    As when i have Enquired about Tata Sky they said it will take 48 hrs and Dishtv will take 24 Hrs.
    does an extra 24 hours makes a difference ? are you going to die if you dont get DishTv connection in 24 hours ? lolzzzz

    After reading your entire post i have a feeling like , you are one of the paid / contract employee / PR person for DishTV lolzzzzzz

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    Yeah first post that too unregistered member could be a marketing guy.

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