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Best Data Card for my Dell 1525 Laptop for using Internet all over India....

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    Default Best Data Card for my Dell 1525 Laptop for using Internet all over India....

    I have bought a new laptop and I am usually on tours from Mumbai to Delhi and vice versa. I would love to have a data connect card having unlimited download limit and giving me a great speed both in Mumbai and Delhi (specially) and if possible in rest of India as well.

    Can you please recommend me some of the providers who can provide me a data connect card according to my specs?

    Its urgent and I would like to buy it as soon as possible.

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    w.r.t data cards relince hv best network the choices r no debate can be possible.........

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    Default i also wish to buy a data card for inspiron 1525

    did u find a good data card!

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    Hey anupriya...
    I have left out the option of data cards they are not of any use...
    My friends have been using them and i tried theirs (reliance, tata indicom and Vodafone) but all give the speed of 35-65 Kbps (though they state a speed of upto 140 Kbps) which is similar to the inernet provided on my GPRS enabled C902 Sony Phone.... So according to somebody's recommendation I got the PC compatible unlimited Internet called as NOP in Vodafone enabled from my corporate plan and it just costs me 299/- per month and gives me the same or better speed than data cards with unlimiteed access......
    also on top of that I dont need to carry any thing else except my fone and a small ( 2 inch) cord wo connect my phone to my laptop.

    n after all why would i spend 3000 Rs on a datacard where as i can add that money and get a much better phone having 3G compatibilities and use the same for high speed internet.....

    I am very satisfied with this connection using my phone as its cheap, reliable and easy to use...
    Anshul Madan

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