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Networking issues at my office

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    Default Networking issues at my office

    Hello guys,
    I'm currently using the 1mbps PLUS package of TataIndicom at my office in Santacruz. I've used Tata Indicom's broadband at my residence for years and it has always exceeded my expectations however, I've been unhappy with the way it has been at my office.
    Here's what the setup looks like-->

    D-Link wifi router --> 8 port switch --> Systems.

    I currently have about 5 machines running simultaneously using the internet. All machines are continuously browsing the internet however, c'mon, 1 mbps should be more than enough for 5 machines just browsing, shouldn't it?
    We're a web development company into web hosting, web designing and SEO. The issue I am facing is that the internet is really slow and laggy.
    The internet is so slow that many a times the connection times out. Most of the times, websites take 20 seconds or so open!
    The biggest problem is while visiting a website that hasn't been visited in the past (isn't in the cache), it takes 2-3 refreshes to get the damn thing to load.
    It's a very harrowing scene and I'm really getting frustrated since slow browsing = slow work output.
    Let me know what your views are on this.

    Is the internet speed not adequate or shall I use some different kind of internet sharing model?
    I'm planning to hire a few more employees but can't because the internet issue isn't getting sorted.
    Please help me with this.
    Virat Shah,

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    Can you try connecting just one machine directly to the router and then check the speed (try @

    Also check modem logs to see whether the connection is being disconnected frequently... It would be also helpful if you could paste here the modem status parameters or attach a screen shot of the modem status page.

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