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    Default YOUTUBE VIDEOS- Ideal internet speed

    What is the ideal internet speed for watching youtube videos?

    Is there any kind of settings required to make it perfect?
    i am using a tata wimax connection of 384kbps and i am facing considerable buffering?
    earlier on airtel wired connection of 384 kbps the buffering was relatively less.(after pausing for 20-40 secs a video of 40 min used to work flawlessly)

    Does using a router effect video streaming??
    i also tried using a SpeedBit Video Accelerator,it dint effect much

    Any suggestions

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    384kbps is not that much speed to start with and you would get some pauses as you watch a you tube video..

    Tata wimax has 512kbps and 1mbps connection as well.. I am using a 1mbps connection and if I open a video from You tube I still have to pause it and let it load for a min or so... not that my speed is slow... the speed I am getting is 95% of the promised 1mbps so its not bad... its normal for a video to buffer for some time as its not just your connection speed that matters as youtube servers might not be able to upload at your max speed and may be over drawn on bandwidth at the time you are watching the video so it might actually be loading at a speed of just 100kbps or so... never know..

    Using an internet connection to view a youtube might sound simple but its a lot more complicated and the viewing experience can be affected by "n" number of factors...

    Do a speed test and see if you are getting the full 384kbps or not and if not complain to tata and they will fix it for you.
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    Stuttering (or buffering) occurs even at high speeds. I get buffering at 1.8 mbps also.

    The best way is to let it download completely and then watch. Use a browser such as Firefox with add-on such as FlashGot. This will reduce buffering slightly.
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    I also think that BSNL probably hates youtube. Even on idle connection it takes too long to do basic stuff on youtube.

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    i have an internet speed of 2mbps and i still have to buffer some videos depending on lenght or wether hq/hd is on or off.

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    When watching video online it uses same amount of bandwidth as that of the file size.......... so better idea is download video and then watch...
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    Quote Originally Posted by just4kix View Post
    Stuttering (or buffering) occurs even at high speeds. I get buffering at 1.8 mbps also.

    The best way is to let it download completely and then watch. .
    Yes just4kix said correctly I also have 2 mbps connection of BSNL (around 1.5-2 mbps)
    I also face lots of buffering problem in youtube so download first and see it. That's best way.

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    Default Youtube

    I have been watching youtube videos without any interruption . but , the problem started since last week. there is a lot of buffering .
    I am using tata broadband 384kbps . Please let me know if u guyz are also facing the same problem . I was just wondering if the the problem is with tata only?

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    Well when I had 2 MBps connection,I was able to watch videos without any pause.

    But on all lower speeds you-tube viewing is not that smooth.
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    I am on 512 Kbps connection and i can see most of the video's except HD.. without any buffering. BSNL is pritty good with youtube according to me.

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