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Business Broadband

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    Default Business Broadband

    Out of curiosity, are there any ISP's which provide business broadband.

    Haven't heard of any business plans or anything in India, is there anything coming up?

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    Of course there are ISPs for business. Reliance, Airtel, Tata, Hutch, etc. offer broadband services for business and corporates. All these companies depend upon corporates for their revenues - retail (home) customers is just a fraction of the revenue.
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    Tulip IT is the largest broadband provider for businesses in India and they charge Rs60000/month for a 10mbps line and normally provide wireless connections using a small tower they build on top of the offices which ask for a connection and at some places they have fiber optic cables running into the customer's premises but mostly it is wireless.

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    Almost every ISP does provide, other names for Business might be Leased Line, Business, Unlimited, or sometimes like multiple machine etc etc etc. BSNL also has good plans.

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    Overall it depend how much speed and data you require and then choose out of many option like tata,,BSNL,Tulip...

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