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set the pppoe broadband connection

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    Default set the pppoe broadband connection

    hye,i live in Malaysia, use streamyx..i got modem adsl 2/2+ db102 and a router dl-604 ethernet broadband..can anybody teach me how i want to make a pppoe connection between 4 pc in my home..

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    After connecting/testing to one system
    remove the Rj45 cable and connect
    D LINK DL604 internet port
    connect systems from LAN1 Lan2 etc.
    In all systems select Obtain IP address automatically.
    Use Always On"PPPoE mode . ( Not Dialer mode

    Para two
    for modem download user manual from second link
    modem adsl 2/2+ db102
    Riger Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd

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