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MTS signal drop issue

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    Default MTS signal drop issue

    i am residing in one apartment at chennai India.
    I am using MTS data card but i am facing frequent signal dropping while surfing.
    i request forum friends for some suggestion. in case any instrument required to place on outer roof to over come such problem . please identify the name of the instrument.

    Waiting for reply from you.

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    If the signal dropping is due to distance from the tower then there is not much you can do or the company. You can try finding a spot where you get the best signal strength and place a wifi dongle at that spot and use wifi to connect your computer. This looks like the only solution if it solves the issue. You would probably be better of getting a connection from a company that has a tower near by.

    I would like to add that I also have an MTS wifi modem and it works better then any other wireless connection I have used. Your problem seems to be the distance from nearest tower.

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    I dont know about any instrument but as you say the signal drops, there maybe a fault in the device itself. I would first suggest that you try the connection in another location say a relatives or friends house. If there is no signal drop issue then some other member will be able to suggest about an instrument being installed, if there is a signal drop problem then I would suggest you call MTS customer care.

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