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Help me in taking Internet Connection for my Laptop in Bangalore (Electronic City)

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    Default Help me in taking Internet Connection for my Laptop in Bangalore (Electronic City)

    I'm planning to take an internet connection in Electronic City Bangalore. To take a wireless network with good speed. I'm thought of going to EVDO or NIC connection offered by BSNL. But they are saying the signal is very bad.. If any one have EDVO or NIC please let me know how is the coverage in Electronic City Bangalore..

    OR else let me know which is the best connection that i can opt for..

    Thanks guys in Advance

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    I do not know where you are staying in Bangalore, but i've been there the last 4 months and in all the residents and companies was wireless internet, so i could get connected with my laptop to that router.

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    go evdo
    search evdo data card u get my post detail in last it shows lot details about it rest u can conform from bsnl office or exchange

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