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finally Slumdog Millionaire got Oscars..........

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    Thumbs up finally Slumdog Millionaire got Oscars..........

    that movie got total 8 Oscar awards................

    here is the list of awards catagory wise.....

    • Best Picture
    • Best Director - Danny Boyle
    • Best Adapted Screenplay - Simon Beaufoy
    • Best Original Score - A.R.Rahman - INDIA
    • Best Original Song - Jai Ho - INDIA
    • Best Film Editing - Chris Dickens
    • Best Cinematography - Anthony Dod Mantle
    • Best Sound Mixing - Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty
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    Let's see if it brings about any change on how west sees us.
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    theres already a thread for this in hollywood movies...
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