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4D Movies

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    Default 4D Movies

    Yeps that's right the title of this thread is 4D movies, and for those who don't quite know about 4D movies well you will love them. I think 4D movies gives the perfect experience to watching a movie and makes you kind of feel a part of the movie in some senses. Like with 3D movies you have 3D visuals of the movie, but with 4D you not only have 3D visuals of the movie with can connect your senses to the movie too. For example if in the movie its raining you will have water falling on you like rain does, if in the movie someone gives someone some flowers then you will sense the smell of roses. Something really amazing and worth experiencing.

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    yea i had gone for a 4D movie in Singapore in sentosa and also in our hotel in Malaysia they had Jurassic Park in 4D, pretty awesome and i had to take off the glasses as i could not handle it lol. You can feel the wind and the rain. Apart from that, if there were animals near your feet in the movie, these things pop out from below your chair and tickle you....lots of fun....pretty expensive ($25/head for a 20min movie i think..)

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    The way you describe it, i am sure its worth the experience.

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    Ohh, sounds interesting! Must be real experience in 4D.
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    4D is a almost a standard feature in Theme Parks. They are pretty awesome.

    I have visited quite a few at Universal Studios, LA, Thorpe Park, UK, etc.
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    The only one Ive been to is Universal studios at LA where I watched Shrek 2 was ages ago..

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