If you have a wealth in the world and lose the soul-is it worth having?

This is the story of a grandfather who lived with his children and grandchildren.
They enjoyed having their meals together. As years went by, grandfather's health declined and his hands became unstable. Sometimes he split the food which became a rather messy. One day in the presence of some guests grandfather dropped the dish. His son could not take it anymore. Rather annoyed he said " I can't put up with you anymore. In future you have to sit by yourself and eat alone in your room." He gave his father a wooden bowl that would not break. The elderly man now labelled as a "old man" was barred from coming to the dining table. Loneliness was his only companion. One evening the son came home, he saw one of his sons busily craving a wooden bowl. He asked his son, "Who are you making this wooden bowl for". The son replied "Dad! This bowl is for you." Shocked, the father asked why of all things he needed a wooden bowl. To this the son replied, "I'm preparing for the future. When you become an old man and start spilling your food, you won't be allowed to eat with us anymore. You will need this wooden bowl to eat your meals alone in your room." The father quietly walked away with feelings of realizations and remorse. He went straight to his father's room and said "Dad, I am sorry for what I have done to you. You took care of me all life,no matter how clumsy I was. You never made me eat my meals alone. I apologize for not giving the due respect and dignity that you deserve. Please forgive me."

That night the "old man" became an elderly father and sat at the table like before enjoying dinner with his family. Though the table got messy, nobody minded it anymore. Any culture that honors the elder is civilized in true sense. Honouring parents is one way to ensure that elderly are suitably rewarded and feel wanted in society. it is a single thread that connects the two generations.

Does this story ring a bell........if does let us hear it loud and clear.