I am sure most of you are on Facebook; but have you played Farmville.
It's the most hottest game of the season.

There are many games available on Facebook, but Farmville being the favorite of many.

At the beginning of the game you are provided with a piece of land where you can grow vegetables, fruits, trees etc. as per your liking. Every action gains some experience points & after gaining set no. of XP, you move to next level. There are 70 level in total. Suppose you decided to grow watermelon on your farm, first you need to buy them from the market, suppose the price is 20 for each seed, you buy them & put it on your farm, every crop takes it own time to grow e.g. watermelon takes 4 days before you can harvest them, on the forth day you harvest your fully grown watermelon & sell them in the market making profit, this is how you grow in the game.

You can buy or sell buildings, animals, trees, crops in the game. It's fun, anybody playing this game??