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Hi-Tech Head Set For Computer Gamers

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    Default Hi-Tech Head Set For Computer Gamers

    A hi-tech head set was developed by the US Company for the computer game lovers. On putting this head set, one can use only thoughts to move and delete the objects that are visible on the computer. This head set has 16 sensors which develop electrical activity in the brain that can be measured using electroencephalograph.

    These sensors note the mood and facial expression of the person using the headset and send the information to the computer software which interprets the person’s emotions. This technology just by using thoughts in games, increase the fantasy of players. This software would be able to create the virtual world characters using the real world expressions and moods.
    How about that a headphone which reacts to your senses, its a bit like stimulator rides where you get the actual feeling as its being shown on screen!
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