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Looking for a friend....

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    I'm looking for a friend who has Airtel BB connection and also lives in madurai or around madurai. I think there is no one from madurai. In that case, anyone from chennai or bangalore. I'm badly/really in need of a small help tonight (possibly immediately). Pleaseeeee PM me regarding how to contact you...

    I need a simple help. I'm working on a new website for my client. I couldn't log into the website today. My friend who has got a bsnl connection could access the site. I just want to know if the mistake is from airtel or from my client's side. Both are possible. So I'd like someone who could access that site from his/her airtel bb connection to check if it is working. Once I get a yes/no answer from you about the access, I can try to solve it by working either with airtel or with my client.

    I didn't mention about the website for two reasons that I'd inform in PM (and/or to Admin/moderator of the forum, in case transparency is needed).

    Thanking you,

    My client was so kind enough to inform me that there were some minor updates went on in the website's webhost. Now everything is working fine. Thank you for all those 16+ members who took their valuable time to read this post.
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