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Concern about disposal of plastics

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    Default Concern about disposal of plastics

    We, the public and the government are now much concerned about the disposal of plastic waste.

    Both are quite aware of the fact that use of plastics cannot and permanently be banned. However, the Kerala State Government through orders prohibited the use of plastics and are conducting raids in shops and godowns where it is kept; and penalizing/threatening to jail the shop owners. If the authorities are so adamant in banning the use of plastics for ever, they should introduce a cost effective alternative in the market.

    A person who goes out in the morning, returns to house with something in his hand is a common thing. It will not be possible for him to carry every time a bag along with whenever he goes out. At the same time, he cannot come without eatables to his house back in the evening.

    As regard to the shop owner, he finds the easiest and cheapest way to packet the goods, a consumer demands. Plastic kits of different sizes and values are available in the market. It is cheaper and easier for both the shop keeper and the buyer. So conveniently both like it.

    When the high society people shops, they go to super shoppe' where also they get the commodities packed in plastic covers. The difference is the microns used in the manufacture of both plastics, which is not banned and get higher value with the class of its user.

    You will agree to the principle that a shop owner connot put the goods a man buys for a small amount in the government stipulated rated micron plastic cover. A shop owner cannot also ask the buyer to return the kit after use. This will be ridiculous. At this, what will be the next step?

    Plastic can be recycled if it is above 30 microns, this was the first attitude of the government. If this is true, why then the government now shifts to its earlier decision of 30 microns to 50 microns. This means changing the order from time to time and according to situation, they come down to the level of an average local man.

    Plastic bottles are also a menace to the government. Recently, it is invented that plastic bottles can be better used for construction of wall by filling clay or sand in it. It will be stronger than brick wall. This is a good suggestion. Likewise, the plastics after use also should be collected and utilised in bettter ways like plastic bottles irrespective of their gender and breed. There shall be ways for better utilisation. Our R&D is sound enough to find solutions to this. The duty of the government and the machinery is to carve the R&D in finding international solutions to it.

    Another factor is that all the manufacturing companies of plastic items are situated outside Kerala State. The Kerala Government cannot control the companies in neighbouring States. Instead of conducting raids in shops it sell, they should ban the manufacture first, like prevention is better than cure.


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    nice post but the solutions are nt coming across clearly. People can be a little more conscious and carry cloth bags , it should not be that much of a problem? And yes prevention is better than cure in this case too.

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    Some states have already banned use of plastic bags, they are encouraging paper bags..which is really a great efforts
    Even i have seen in malls they are providing hard paper bags instead of plastic bags

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