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Investment & Imperialism

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    Now for industrialization purpose lot of foreign capital is using by lot of third world country (including India) but is all type of foreign investment can be allow in our country? I asked this question to all of you because couple of investor (already they have invested money for industrialization in India) those who are super power in their country. Now question is lot of person still believes that theory of Imperialism still relevant in this world, especially for third world country. We all know in 18th Century how ‘East-India company’ came for business and when 1717 Mughal king Farrukhsiyar allow this company for trading in eastern zone within a 100 years this company eventually rule the whole country and if we look back the last three century then we will find such story for lot of country because money and power both are very much co-related otherwise the story of Bastille (1789) never been happen (where king become the puppet of rich class society).

    What is your opinion is Imperialism become totally irrelevant in 21st century?
    Or still we should much more aware about that matter because history repeats itself.

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    Now I found one who understand why we learn history. Quite exceptional Rupu. Many miss such a simple point.

    The difference is we have a more stable and responding set up now. But I am not sure if history will repeat itself. Pak did the same mistake. Due to rivalry with India, they stayed close to US. Now US decides who should rule Pakistan.

    Butto came back, because she had the support of US. Musharaff stayed because he had the support of US. Kiyani became Military chief because he was acceptable to US. Sardari stays became he got the support of US. They either do it straight or through Saudi. Sharif prefer talking through Saudi.

    Pakistan fought their best pals in Afghanistan because US wants it. Even though half minded. Do you think US wrote the script for removing Musharaff because he is against democracy. He came to power by removing an elected Prime minister. He would have hanged him if Shariff didn't had strong links with Saudi. They knew Musharaff is soley responsible for Kargil incident. May be they moved him because he had the support of many ISI officials who are very loyal to what we call terrorists.

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