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My Profile Pic - Not displayed ?

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    Default My Profile Pic - Not displayed ?


    Just uploaded my profile pic. One from Official portal of India. My India, My Pride logo.

    I tried uploading to my profile as both direct attachment and from tinypic.

    I can see it in my User CP but not in posts. Don't know why. I used copy image location from User CP to post this image. Please take a look.

    It is shown when I insert as image, but not in my posts. Any idea ?
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    Profile pic and avatar pic are different. Change you avatar pic from the User CP Left Panel.

    Attachment 2943

    Nice pic, BTW.

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    there are two avatar's one for user profile and other for all your posts... I change the avatar for posts from User Cp > Edit Avatar

    I think you changed from User Cp > Edit Profile Picture, that why its not working...

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    Didn't noticed earlier. Thanks for pointing out.

    Had second thoughts on the avatar. Will wait till I get a good one. This one has white background which will look awful against the grey shade as the picture is round with white background.

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