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Big fat village wedding..

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    Default Big fat village wedding..

    This month became a very busier one for me ..
    First i was at Mata Poornagiri, and than i was roaming all the Himalayas.

    Now after all this, I was to attend a friends brother's wedding.
    This place is actually a very interior village called Bilandpur. 50 Kms from Pilibhit and around 30 Kms from Pooranpur (Varun Gandhi fame )

    So the things started like this. First in the morning, i came to take my friend with me, who lives in Tanakpur with my car. I rested my car there at his home, and we started our journey by bus as he told me that the roads were not good enogh for cars.

    We took a bus from Tanakpur to Pilibhit at 10 am. And at 11 am we reached there.
    From Pilibhit to pooranpur we got a taxi (Tata Magic google it) and almost 22 people were sitting inside it. so you may understand how people have to adjust for places as the area is very deserted by any infrastructure. I was very surprised to see that even though no place was there inside the taxi, people on the sides of the road kept on showing their arms to stop the taxi and to take them in..

    At around 1 pm we reached Pooranpur. (atleast 10 times the taxi dropped people at diff places)

    From Pooranpur to Bilandpaur (said as Bilandapur) we were to be taken by friend on his bike. So we sqeezed our hips and made places for three people in one bike. shocking was that even after many scoldings our friend wasnt biking below 70 kmph.. he completed the 30 km distance in just a pack of minutes.

    The day time was rather boring one. Hot and humid. Sweating as much it could be. Very painful life is village life. No wind to blow. So we decided to come out of the home which was the centre of village to his farm. We broke Amiaas (sour mangoes) in the nearby farm eating those mangoes was less interesting than breaking them.

    Time passed and we couldnt know that it was 4 pm. wedding things were going to be done from now. So my friend told me to shower in the farm tube well. For those who dont know whats a tube well, its just like earth water coming out like a fountain. There is arrangement made with a geneset which works as a motor, a van, a water pump and a generator and even as a plougher too.. So he started that and we jumped in. 3 hours we all friends ( around 10 ) bathed in it continuously.. The water was so sweet and cool. and the village was watching us madly cause we all wore frenchies which is considered very offending there, but who cared..

    Around 6 pm we all became serious. Actually Vyavastha was short. Just 6 bottles for 10 men.. bahut naainsafi hai. My friend was reluctant to go to market which was 15 miles from there. so i ordered my friend to take his bike and bring another 10 bottles so we can breathe well..

    After that he came and we enjoyed. .and later i am forgetting much incidents which happened after that. I remember that since the girl's home was in a nearby village we rocked into their village.. some guys at our side broke couples of bullets. it was not fantastic as i saw small children were very afraid, but these cowboys dont listen anyone.

    At the dance floor was a much shocking scene. around 20 men, half of whom were gunned, came up and trying to beat the dance board with their sync steps. The dj was very cool and hard with desi and modern bollywood songs. i danced for an hour with them. noone knows what happened because we were all so drunk...

    Later 1 hour from the time Jayamala happened. but i forgot to take pics, because were in dance floor. Ate the dinner (in what situation i dont know)

    Than at around 1 am we were all so tired with dancing.. other guys took on the floor and danced till 4 am.. ( all rules are broken in village)

    Than what i know is that we took off their girl from them, they were all crying.. there were some very beautiful village girls, but my friend told me not to try to befriend anyone of them

    At 7 am we went off alongwith the bride. after that i slept for all 5 hours at friend's bed..
    job takes the child away.

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    All dnk and exhuasted...

    My three closest friends..
    job takes the child away.

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