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Why does Vodafone hesistate to change from Pospaid to Prepaid??

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    Default Why does Vodafone hesistate to change from Pospaid to Prepaid??

    Hey Guys,

    My dad is using Vodafone from past 4 years, as he recently purchased Docomo which had awesome cheap rate plans, he decided to use Docomo as primary and put Vodafone on 2nd slot as he got a DUAL SIM Phone.

    So today we went to Vodafone store and we told them to change from Pospaid to Prepaid, he expression looked worried, fist of all he told us some hidden plans than we disagreed as no plans were match to DOCOMO plans than he called another executive and she seemed to be worried too so atlast we agreed to settle with a cheap postpaid plan with 0 rental.

    So i was bit confused, on why do they try sooooooo hard to not allow us to shift to Prepaid ...??

    Do they get some -ve marking or something??

    Ik it affects the company, but to me it was something else

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    Post paid subscribers are supposed to be higher ARPU generators, for the telco. Though I don't know what incentives executives get for retaining existing subscribers.

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