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i need some info for Broadband?

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    Default i need some info for Broadband

    hello guys,

    I didnt see any help section, so, i think this is the right one for my question. Im now from delhi and my homeland is MIZORAM. In Mizoram we have only BSNL Dialup internet connection(64kbps sometimes 12-45kbps)and we have also BSNL Broadband(BUt the price is very high and services is not good) and i want to launch Broadband internet connection for my homeland. ive already asked SIFY and TATA INDICOM. But they cannt launch now. So, i want to become a broadband Provider(i mean Owner).But, i dont know how to do.

    could you tell me how to have a broadband Connection.What materials/tools e.t.c i need? How much money do i need to have/provide Broadband? and any other important?

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    You cannot just wake up one day and say I want to be an internet service provider.. You would need a liscence first for that and thats provided by the government of India.

    If you are just looking for a broadband connection for you and your friends in the locality with no commercial interest then you can go for a satellite connection which can be anywhere from $200-500 per month for a 512kbps connection which you and your friends can share amongst you but you cannot go around offering connections to people and charge them money in leu as that would be illegal to do.

    If you meant you want to be a franchise for sify or the likes of sify then that is an option but its up to them wether they want to come to your area yet.
    try airtel or hutch gprs if nothing else is available.with edge you can get speeds up to 100kbps.

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    Default Info

    Well Frn
    If I Would Be On Ur Place Then I Would Have Some Patience For It
    As Technology Is Advancing Soon U Will Get More Options For It

    But Till Then I Think That Connection Of Tata Would Be Better In That Part

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