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    Why uploaders upload torrents at their own expense for public? Is there any money involed? How is piracy related to underworld? R the uploaders involved with underground?

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    To understand this, you should think from the web owner point of view. When you download a 5 MB file from Cnet, you will have to pay your ISP for 5 MB of data. Similarly, Cnet also runs on a server (in simple terms, a computer) and is connected to net using a broadband connection for which Cnet pays. When you download a 5 MB file, Cnet too has to pay for 5 MB data to the ISP they use.

    Imagine about downloading a 4 GB HD movie. If a site is offering that download, when every time one user download 4 GB movie, they need to pay for 4 GB data. Normally thousands of users download such movies and it will cost dearly to the website owner to pay for those data. In present condition and rates, it is impossible to run a site like that.

    Here comes the importance of torrents. In which the data you download is seeded by some other user who has downloaded the movie. So website owner is not charged anything for the data you download than for the torrent file and webpage data (comes around a few KB per user). Torrent is one of the greatest invention of our time on internet as it makes these file sharing affordable. It is not only pirated stuff that use torrents. Free software like Linux are also distributed by torrents. If used as direct downloads, Linux makers will have to find money for the data we download and it will make Linux paid.

    Piracy is illegal and hence punishable by law. It is obvious that people involved use illegal means and enjoy support of anti social elements like malware distributors who crack a software and add malware into it. They may have support of dons and terrorists to stay away from jail or get caught. Obviously they will be paying them a certain amount of their profit for this protection.

    In India, it is rumoured that Dcompany of Davood Ibrahim is controlling production and distribution of film piracy. It is no secret that he has ties with ISI and is accused in a Mumbai blasts. So when we download pirated content, the money generated is certainly going to the wrong hands. Now a days you can find free alternative to most of the great tools in use and they are good or even better than those paid tools. It will also save your PC from malware.

    It is a fact that piracy is a deeply rooted social evil like bribing but it will continue to exist no matter how we try in the present scenario. Internet is too open and anonymous. Things may change in future and we will have products like Google which will make us independent of those paid alternatives or their pirated copies.

    Hope your doubts are cleared.

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