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Do you believe in the Saade Saati (साढ़े साति), the dreaded 7 year cycle of Saturn?

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    Default Do you believe in the Saade Saati (साढ़े साति), the dreaded 7 year cycle of Saturn?

    I am not an aethiest. But neither am I a very religious. I believe that God is omnipresent and if you worship Him with all your hear and soul, you have done your part in believing in Him. I do not believing special places of worship. But I am digressing and this is not the topic I wish to discuss.

    The Hindu Astrology propogates a belief called "the Saade Saati" (साढ़े साति). Read it all here: Sade Sati - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is said that "Saade Sati" occurs three times in the life of an individual who lives the standard lifespan of 70 years or more. The first phase occurs during early adolescent years (12 to 25), the next happens during mid-life (35 to 50) while the last happens during the aphelion of life (60 to 75). Perhaps the second "Saade Sati" can be attributed to the so called "mid-life crisis" that almost everyone faces.

    The "Saade Sati" does not affect all zodiac signs the same way. Some donot feel the impact at all, while others are serverely affected. However, the during typical "Saade Sati", there are phases of some gains and several losses - losses far outweighing the gains.

    I never believed in this mumbo-jumbo but certain analytics of my past life have forced me to acknowledge that there might be something in it after all and everything cannot be co-incidence. I was going through my own mid-life crisis:

    - My father suffered from diabetes; he became totally blind six years ago.
    - I secured a job change in 2007 that sort of gave a new direction to me.
    - At the same time, I was not getting anywhere professionally.
    - Though financially OK, I never could save enough.
    - Father passed away last June.
    - I found myself not "at peace" with myself and there was constantly a nagging fear of the unknown.
    - Two month's ago, someone stole my shoes at the Saibaba Temple at Shirdi; they say that it is a positive sign that "Shani Dosh" is ending. And it seems to be over now.

    Have your say. I would love to hear your views also.
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    I have this Saade Saati and shani mahadashaa but don't know much about it, Parminder is the correct person to comment on this. Just wait for his detailed reply

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    I agree with you completely. Until and unless a person goes through such phases he/she hardly believes in such mumbo-jumbo. Reading your post, im frightened to know that this SAADE SAATI or whateva happens 3 times in a life span? Oh my Gawd
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    Two month's ago, someone stole my shoes at the Saibaba Temple at Shirdi; they say that it is a positive sign that "Shani Dosh" is ending.
    Dint knew that!

    I kind of believe in it, but I feel we should concentrate on what we can do about it and leave the rest to god. I also believe that if something is bound to happen, then it will happen. But I use my beliefs in an optimist approach. As in if something goes wrong, I don't get disheartened, I just use the second belief and move on. If something goes right, it was due to my hard work and god's grace. I then decide to work even harder After all it is said, nothing succeeds like success!

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    Nice thoughts bloodbond.....

    Best of luck for your upcoming life...

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    really sad to hear you had to go thru so much pain in your life.... now that dark phase in your life has ended i'm happy for u

    consulting a good astrologer as soon as came to know about saade sati dosh in your star chart may have saved you from lots of trouble

    anyway a person i know who suffered from saade sati was asked to donate oil to hanuman mandir every saturday, and after doing so, he regained his hold in business which was suffering badly from losses before. His mental health also improved since he was suffering from depression due to monetary losses.

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    My own experience from 1997 till 2004 (saade saati pase)
    I got transferred to Faridabad from Mysore (change of place)
    I lost my father (loss of near-dear ones), I suffered from mental stress etc., lost a lot of money trying agriculture,
    But all is not lost, the astrologers also say that while going Shani also blesses you with positive things like property,
    After this phase, suddenly the land prices went up and I was able to recoup all my losses and some profit too !

    It is a part of life you cannot avoid, only you have to keep your spirits up and believe in the Almighty that He would be doing good to all !


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    The influence of Shani in our lives always leaves us with a better understanding of life and makes us a better human being. The way Shani teaches is a matter of debate... This forum is not a place for such a debate. It really depends on an individual how the Shani's dasha goes. Shani demands discipline and honesty with the people themselves and those around them. If you are a paeron with decieving tendencies or are used to lying to others for any reason then get ready for the stick and trust me Shani's stick will hit you where it hurts the most. Those people who are able to stick to a strict routine like wake up early morning spend time praying and spend their day according to a time table and not end up drunk at night besides other thing will have it easy and those who dont obey Shanis simple rules will be hit hard untill they become "human beings"

    The above stuff is purely my own understanding and many will differ and have different things to say.

    When Shani is giving you a hard time you dont necessarily have to pray to Shani. Praying to Shani is not going to help. Some people say applying sindoor on Hanuman jis idol helps... well nothing is going to help.. its about your personality and until you change your ways nothing will help. Chanting "Hare Krisna hare Krisna" is believed to take away all the hardships given by Shani and thats the only thing I think really helps... Its not the words that matter you could be chanting any thing.. its the state of trance that you achive not the words that help. The state of mind that you enter.

    Helping the poor and disabled.. Helping blind people especially. The thing is it wont help you unless you do it all your heart. Its not the act of helping but the underlying thought that Shani looks at. You can donate millions and still have a heartless personalioty with no feeling of sympathy towards the needs... well Shani will still woop your arse.
    Its the change in your thought process and personality that Shani maharaj want and will make it happen wether you want it or not. Its not a matter of choice. It will happen. It is upto you wether you want this change to come easily or the hard way

    I am going through Shani's mahadasa and I am loving it every moment. I am at peace with my surrounding and I am not waiting for Shani's mahadasha to be over and thats the state Shani maharaj wants you to be in before he showers his generosity

    Do give me a shout if any one wants me to elaborate anything or if you are having a hard time learning (going through Shani's dasha)

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