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Bsnl broadband in Yerwada Pune

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    Default Bsnl broadband in Yerwada Pune

    This was a personal message sent by one of our members so I thought I might as well post it in the forums for those who might find it helpful.

    Originally Posted by vijay
    dear admin,
    i stay in Yerwada area in Pune.I have been trying to get a BSNL broadband connection through Yerwada exchange since June 2006 but everybody is citing technical difficulties ( non availability of parameters) as a reason why i have still not been able to get a broadband at home.I even met the AGM during the follow up:same reply!
    I am an academician and need broadband urgently.What should I do?Can I get wireless broadband?How would it compare in terms of performance and cost with Dataone?Please help.

    Hi Vijay,
    The reason probbably is they dont have any ports free in your exchange which is a genuine enough reason and you will have to wait till some one in your area frees up a port or they bring in new equipment.
    Other option you have is getting broadband from some other company like airtel, sify or hathway or any other company you may have localy available. If none of thes are available I suggest you try reliance wimax which was recently launched in Pune and I am hoping you are fairly close by and you may be able to get wimax broadband from reliance.

    If none of the above work for you then you can try a wireless connection (remember its not broadband) from reliance. They have a special offer if you pay for a year they will provide a free data card or a usb modem which ever you want.
    The price is on a higher side.. I pay Rs650 a month and have a 1GB limit, you will have to pay Rs1500 per month for a unlimited connection.

    If you have any furthur questions please post them in the forum and do not send any personal messages. Imagine if this message was posted in public how many people would have benefited by reading this? Sending personal messages defeat the purpose of having a public forum.

    Parminder Chahal
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    It sucks.. BSNL people are not helpful at all

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    I think Airtel provides connection in Yerwada, Pune.
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