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Where are my posts from last week?

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    Default Where are my posts from last week?

    I was not very active but I posted a few posts in the last 7-8 days and they are no where to be found! Any one seeing any UFO's lately?

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    :oo:: happened and cleaning it took away last 14 days of posts.

    Stupid? : Yes extremely
    Avoidable? : No, I do not think it was avoidable. Some professional hacker doesn't like this lively little place.
    Would this happen again? : May be but if it does happen again we will not loose any content.

    What have I dont for this not to happen again? : I have hired a professional to deal with security as that is not my domain.

    Sorry about the loss. I havent slept all day yesterday and all night and I am still working to make sure this loop hole we had is plugged.

    This forum will no longer be available through "some" VPN services and will not be available in "certain" countries. Some people also may not be able to use the forum from their offices any more due to restrictions we have in place.

    If some one genuine is having trouble browsing or with logging in then please post here or send me a PM.

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    Dear Admin,

    I had posted quite a few replies on the thread "BSNL has stopped free night unlimited" under broadband discussions. I know the pages for this thread had reached to 33 pages. But since today morning this thread is showing just 30 pages and other 3 pages are nowhere to be seen. Is this a technical glitch at forum's end or am I banned to post anymore in that thread? Please reply.
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