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Favorite Old T.V. Show?

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    Default Favorite Old T.V. Show?

    My favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy. I don't know if its old because it started in maybe the early 2000, and I think they're bringing it back this year I'm not sure. I've just been hearing that there is going to be a new season coming up. I still consider it an old TV show. Grey's Anatomy is just about a girl named Meredith Grey who follows in her famous mother's footsteps of being a surgeon. While she's trying to do all that, and be like her mother, she meet some fellow surgeons in the way. This show isnt all about surgery, it has so much drama, I love it. I am also a very sensitive person, and this show has a lot of sad moments. So, I cry a lot!
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    Well, 90s were golden! I wonder what happened to musicians the 90s Hindi pop music!! MTV was filled with Falguni Pathak, Rajeswari, Bombay Vikings.. and the list goes on. Cartoons were in English, and now they have dubbed it into Hindi and the characters lost its charm! Does anyone remember "Just Mohabat" aired in Sony?? Now its all junk in TV!

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    I used to watch wonder years every week without a fail

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    As a 1990s kid, I prefer those old shows from my time. That was "FRIENDS", a comedy program about a circle of friends. I think I am just one of the legion of fans of the show.

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