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Movie graphics this days.

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    Default Movie graphics this days.

    3D movies! The most amazing things ever. I mean look at a James Bond movie like Casino Royal and the latest movie. Big difference is an understatement. More explosion more action more everything! The movie industry has changed significantly.

    A movie like the Ant Man. Who thinks of that stuff? I love it.
    Support me in this. Let us appreciate the movie industry.

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    There are a few directors who have such a overpowering personal style, you can appreciate them they way you'd appreciate a really good or bad date: it will simply be clear to you that you're within the orbit of a single man or woman's personality, and this becomes even clearer if you watch several films by that director. You'll get that sense that even if he wanted to hide his identity, he'd fail, as his uniqueness bursts out his eyes, ears, nose, and pores.

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    I love movies and I do support those films that are really worth watching. With regards to the recent James Bond film, it grossed lower than its predecessors. It has earned modest critical acclaim. It wasn't that a hype (or maybe just in my country). Some people I knew who watched it though have good feedbacks on the film.

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