I wrote this article back in 2004 and just found it by chance in one of my external hard drives... Thought some one might find it interesting so posting it here

I got my first ever wireless internet connection today for my laptop.I ordered it two days ago and its going to cost me £20 per month for what they call unlimited access but they call normal usage to be under 2gb in a month which I understand is not bad I think itís a very reasonable sort of limit set up by them and its not even a limit really they will only bother you if you exceed this 2 gb limit for three months in a row and they will call you and discuss other options for you.
The data card which I have got for myself is from T mobile which is one of the biggest mobile operators here in UK and I got t-mobile data card when there were at least 4 others available because t-mobile was the cheapest option available and I read some reviews on the net and spent about 3-4 hours looking for some negative stuff about t-mobile data cards but couldnít really find anything so I thought let me be the first one to write a review and I ordered it from t-mobile and its an 18 months contract and I have paid £5.99 as delivery charges and it will be £20 a month only which is great.

The reason I got this data card when I have a 10mbps connection at home is that I have now lost my job L was fired last Friday and I have nothing to do all day long but blog blog and blog and then again blog so I will blog the **** out of this world in the time to come well atleast until I find a good job.

Writing this article sitting in the back seat of my car about 60-70 miles away from my home is just great. Thanks to this data card i can now pull my car any where and just start typing and post it on to the net any time I like donít have to wait till I get home or anything.

t-mobile is just great by the looks of it as I have only used it at three locations till now and reception has been great in all three places, got connected instantly didnít have to wait or anything and browsing speed is great as compared to a dial up connection I would say this is a lot better speed wise.

The next good thing this data card is going to bring is the ability for me to take pictures any where and just post them right away without having to wait. I used skype to speak to my mum in New Delhi and sound quality seemed ok to me and I talked for about 15 mins sitting in my car using my laptop which was great because had it been last week I would have had to spend a lot of money using my mobile phone when ever I was away from home so this data card is going to save me a lot of money on international calls as well and will give me 24/7 skype and Google talk connectivity and I will be reachable even when I am not at home J

Well its only been a day since I got this t mobile data card so I will write another review in a few days on how it goes.

If you use a data card and would like us all to know about your experiences please leave your comments here.