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Why are social bookmarking sites not so popular in India ?

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    Default Why are social bookmarking sites not so popular in India ?

    Just in case you haven't heard of any Indian Social bookmarking sites, heres some that I came across:

    1. IndianPad / Popular Stories - seems to be the most popular with very simple design though sometimes it can get a little confusing.

    2. - started by some IIM grad, looks good

    3. Published scoops | YeaWo - again a very simple design, seems to be very new, but the thing I like about it is that it also has a forum (though empty) which in the future could be a nice way to interact with people visiting the site.

    There are many more but, these are just the few I can remember of the top of my head right now but, none of them seem to be as popular as their counterparts in the west. On the other hand social networking sites like orkut and matrimonial sites seem to be very popular... does this have anything to do with the way Indians use the internet and what we perceive its purpose to be?
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    That's because we indians prefer to add all our favorite sites or blogs through the favourites/bookmarks tab available on our browser. since we either browse at home or at office or laptop, we prefer it this way as most don't browse at different places to take their bookmarks to.

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    Default Top Social Bookmarking Sites in India

    You cannot say this now social bookmarking is getting popular in india there are so many sites availble in india which shows the popularity of bookmarking listed as below :

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    Well, the site names sounds new to me. I think one reason is they don't use a brandable domain names. It sounds strange and difficult to remember. The second is....well, the lack of promotion.

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