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Help needed - desktop conked

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    Default Help needed - desktop conked


    Yesterday I got a cable broadband connection from Hathway. The installer laid the cable and installed a software (some 24Online client) on my desktop.

    After that my desktop which runs Windows XP - SP2 began to reboot after running for 2-3 minutes. Once I got an error related to IP address, I couldn't read it completely since the machine again re-booted.

    That was the last time machine booted. After that I tried booting it in Win XP - Safe Mode and in Kubuntu 6.0. But kept on hanging, and never booted.

    I tried to boot it through Kubuntu DVD but that too didn't work, it hanged again. I tried re-installing Windows-XP; it starts well, but at a point when the installation says - "Starting Windows XP" it again hangs. I even tried after disabling the on-board LAN card, but even then the same problems.

    Now I don't know what to do with my desktop, I am not able to even re-install any OS on it, and effectively it's useless now.

    Gurus, help me out. Tell what can be the possible cause and what to do?

    P.S. I installed the same software (24Online client) on my laptop running Windows Vista - Home Premium and it's working fine.



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    I think you need to call the Helpline no. of your Area and tell them your Problem. I think they will surely solve it.

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    Default call customer care

    First ur problem is unusual.You said there was some prolem related IP..but that should not reboot.That maybe some problem with machine.For XP and linux there are different versions of 24 onlinet client(the software of hathway used to login to net).And maybe 24 onlient client of XP versions runs only with XP and vista and not open source OS.You need to call there customer care and tell u have this OS and which version to download and from where.

    From ur problem it only seems either ur machine has problem(bcz it ran fine in ur laptop) surely and check it up with ur engineer.If he says its software problem(which i dont think),then tell hathway.

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    Rebooting i guess occurs due to the inconsistency of Ram. Try some other temporary ram and check it out.
    Do reply.

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