Hi, I am a Hathway subscriber from Mumbai, Link Road, Malad West area since the last 6 months. Their internet service is quite decent. I am on a 2Mbps connection (1500 rs for 12 Gig plan) and get good download speeds. Browsing and gaming is quite decent as well. However, customer support is absolutely pathetic as is obvious from the several reviews on this forum. Although I am able to reach tech support in 2-3 minutes, billing support is impossible to get through. Server outages are few and issues are fixed within 3-4 hours max.

But over the years, I have come to realize that no broadband is perfect. We are living in the "broadband stone age" compared to western countries and no matter which ISP you chose, something or the other is bound to make you unhappy. So I have decided to live with good service and pathetic customer care.

Now I am thinking of moving to the unlimited 1 Mbps plan with 5 Gb FUP per month. Hathway is charging me 550 rs per month for this plan including taxes. Want to ask Hathway Mumbai subscribers whether I am paying the right amount because these Hathway guys never update their website. Also, how do you guys deal with their customer support department? I usually have to write several abusive emails to their nodal officers in order to have them call me. Please share any tips, tricks, hacks to get the best out of my money.