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Hathway Bangalore - Anyone with Android setup

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    Default Hathway Bangalore - Anyone with Android setup

    Hello folks,
    This is my first post at the forum and I am a noob when it comes to Networks.
    I have a hathway DHCP connection which I have in turn connected to my Belkin Router. All the 3 laptops at my place are able to pickup the wifi connection and connect to the internet.
    I have had no luck connecting either of my Android phones to the internet. When I connect to the router, the router light turns amber. The phone on the other hand goes from scanning a connection to authenticating and then abruptly disconnects. Then it goes in an endless loop to connect to the router.

    I suspect the DHCP offered by Hathway might be an issue since these phones work perfectly fine with a PPPoE offered by You Broadband and the wifi connection through a BSNL ADSL wifi modem.

    I have googled and found that there is a bug in Android related to DHCP connections. The solution suggested is a static ip assignment to the device. But I have had no luck so far.

    Has anyone tried this combination of Hathway DHCP with an Android phone or tablet....any help would be much appreciated

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    What is the range of DHCP allotted by router ?
    say to
    Allot address to android phone.

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