I subscribed for go 2 lite 2 mbps 5 gb fup plan for the months of December and jan on 17 December but when i checked the plan online it still showed the old postpaid plan which was 200 mb download limit one i called up their billing department a couple of times but no one picked up the call so i finally decided to leave it thinking that there must be some problem with their system yesterday i received a call from them saying that i havent paid my dues for the month of december when i asked them for which dues they said that their servers were down in the month of december and so my new plan hadnt been activated and the old postpaid plan continued so i was liable to pay for the excess usage post 200 mb .when i said that it wasnt my problem that ur servers were down they said that its isnt ur mistake neither is it our mistake but u have to pay and even people with costlier plans have been forced to pay i dont know how to deal with these looters.