I have hathway flash to max connection in mumbai
they installed the modem and i can connect via RJ45 to my PC.

from my friend i received 450TC1 beetel router.

on internet i found the undermentioned setting.

"Connect the router via to your laptop/computer via the lan cable provided and access modem settings by going to

Default username=admin, password=password

Go to Interface Setup tab. In Virtual Circuit dropdown, do the below for PVC0 and PVC1

Status : Pick Activated (radio button).
Choose Bridge Mode (radio button) in Encapsulation section.
Save it
In Virtual Circuit dropdown, pick PVC2 now.

Encapsulation: Choose PPPoA/PPPoE (radio button)
Servicename: BSNL
Username and password: This will be provided by BSNL.
Password - It will be ‘password’ OR, 3char city name+3char first name+123. Example: If you reside in Mangalore, firstname = Pradeep, password will be ‘manpra123’.
Bridge Interface - Choose Deactivated (radio button).
Connection: Always On (radio button).
Get IP address: Choose Dynamic (radio button).
NAT: Choose from drop down as ENABLED.
Default Route: Choose YES.
Leave other parameters as it is.
Click SAVE.
Go to Maintenance Tab. Go to SysRestart subtab.

System Restart with: Choose Current Settings in radio button.
Click Restart.
Modem will reboot. Internet LED will glow green. You are set to browse the internet!

Configuring WiFi on the router

Go the Interface tab and select Wireless

Have the following configuration:

Access Point: Activated
Channel: India
802.11 b+g
SSID Index: 1
Broadcast SSID: Yes
Authentication Type: WEP 64Bits
SSID: Give the name of the network, ideally you would be connecting to this wifi network for internet access.
Set up a wifi password under the key field. Follow the password restrictions given on the routers page.

I have done above and now when i connect rj45 cable from modem to beetel router and another rj45 cable from router to my laptop then i can connect to internet.

But over wifi i cannot connect to internet as it connects showing limited connectivity.

can anyone guide please.