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Hathway Broadband 50Mbps for Rs499

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    Default Hathway Broadband 50Mbps for Rs499

    For Hyderabad broadband users there is some good news. Hathway broadband is offering a 50Mbps connection for Rs499, and this is simply WOW! You hardly get a good 1mbps connection for Rs499 in Delhi and Hathway is giving some fantastic speeds for very affordable costs.
    Look at some of the plans provided by MTNL broadband plans and Reliance Broadband, they seem so expensive as compared to Hathway Broadband plans. If Hathway started providing their services to all cities in India, it wont be long until their number of customers will shoot up and it will leave behind companies like BSNL and MTNL.

    Along with this 50Mbps connection Hathway is also offering a free WiFi router which is subject to terms and and conditions.

    Makes me think maybe I should to move to Hyderabad!

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    This is quite cheap as compared to You Broadband and Beam Broadband who also provide their services in Hyderabad.

    You Broadband for a 50Mbps connection charge Rs2499 with data limit of 100GB

    Beam Broadband for a 50Mbps connection charge Rs2499 with a data limit of 100GB

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    Yes they maybe cheap but they have constant speed issues. I have to call them atleast once a week for network issues. Its a cheap service provider. If you can afford regular network failures, go for Hathway.

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