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Hathway in Delhi

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    Default Hathway in Delhi

    I am hearing two different stories about Hathway being launched in Delhi, some say it is being launched and some say it isn't being launched. I need to know the exact information as in about 3 months time I will be changing service provider, and if Hathway is going to be available in Delhi then I might as well wait for its launch. I have tried calling Hathway customer care but not been able to get through to them, hence asking on the forum.

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    Hathway is being launched in Delhi that is correct, but what you would need to make sure whether it is being launched in your location or not and that is only by calling Hathway customer care.

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    I doubt if Hathway would be able to tell you if the service is available at your place or not. The best people to talk to would be your local cable operators because Hathway uses local cable networks to provide broadband.

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