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Review after 3 month usage.

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    Angry Review after 3 month usage.

    Hi guys,
    I've been using Hathway Internet for close to 3 months now (3 days left). I subscribed to their 50Mb/s 20GB plan (Post FUP 1Mb/s). Now where do I start. For the first week everything went super swift, speeds around 40-45Mb/s, I was pretty happy with the service.
    Then after about 7-8 days, everything went down. Past two months I haven't been able to use my internet after 7pm. I felt lucky if I had a functional connection after 6pm. The internet used to get back to normal at like 10am the next day. When I say normal I mean packet loss is pretty normal, connection drops are pretty normal. Connection would drop every 5 minutes (no exaggeration), the connection would drop after 5 minutes and then start in like 45 seconds. I had to restart modem once in a while say, 2 hours.
    Talking about packets, well I was told they would be using this super new technology, something Docsis v3 or some crap. I used to get a ping to South East Asisa (Singapore Server) of about 800-1000ms (again, no exaggeration). So it made me quit gaming. Previously I used to get 80-110ms on MTNL, which I thought sucked (heh, me).
    Talking about CC. Well, I used to get a call wait time of about 10mins on every call. Holding to listen to the country music. Then a representative would answer on many ocassions the conversation would go like me explaining the problem, he having no idea what connection drops or packet loss means, me saying my internet isn't working, he checking the line and saying everything is fine from our side, I'm sorry but I can't register the complaint.
    On certain ocassions that I was able to somehow register a complaint, I didn't get any follow ups from the engineer.

    I'm from North Delhi, a place called Kalyan Vihar. My account number is 1292106 for any proofs, reply to this thread I have screenshots for almost everything.


    Do not get Hathway even if 50Mb/s sounds too great of a deal. You do get 50Mb/s but only when the connection works. Read up, honestly. You wouldn't get a functional internet whatsoever if you subscribe to Hathway Delhi. I might switch back to MTNL. Now I didn't know an ISP could be worse than MTNL, but after using Hathway, I am wiser.
    MTNL > Hathway (that's saying a lot).

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    The problem you are experiencing is due to the incompetence of your local hathway operator. I cannot say that Hathway is not to be blamed but the actual problem is the local cable operator.

    I have been using hathway for about two months now and problems are plenty. I am a bit lucky in the local department as the local guy here is smart and very service oriented. I am using their 5Mbps unlimited connection and I get a constant 5Mbps download speed and upload is a little less then half mbps.

    My advise to you would be to switch back to MTNL. You mentioned 110ms latency to South east Asia and I personally believe it is not bad although Singapore should be more like 80ms but 30-40ms is never really a problem even with very fast games.

    I am waiting for Reliance Jio 4G or even Airtel 4G if their prices are reasonable. Latency would be better then MTNL adsl and connections would be very stable unlike our cable connections that we use currently.

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    I am from Hyderabad this is what exactly happened to me too.
    I don't think it's local operator problem at all.
    It looks like CC(customer care) doesn't know anything about Internet in the first place.
    Hathway is cheap because it's service is also cheap.
    CC and it's technicians do not have proper co-ordination.
    I never got the promised 50Mb anytime but after FUP the speeds are as promised.
    Don't fall for the 50Mb promise.
    Worst service ever.
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    I have experienced almost all the problems you have faced but I clearly think that the quality of service and performance varies from region to region. It might be better in some region and it might be bad at some other region.

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