I am using hathway broadband in karol bagh, new delhi for almost 2 years now. But lately their network has serious speed issues.

In the past 1 month I must have called their customer care more than 10 times for poor speed and no speed issues.

I am using 5 MBPS 10gb plan. Its cheap but poor quality.

Their computerised telephone sometimes becomes so slow, after making an input you might have to wait 20-30 secods, so basically, u might have to wait 5-10 mins before talking to their customer care. Its a poor grade system.

You cannot reach their customer care before 9-10 am in the morning and then the issue will take another few hours. So, if your internet has issues at night, you will have to wait till minimum 12 noon for it to start working.

Their customer care execs are fine and respond promptly, but what can they do if the quality is cheap. Just keep calling them and they will keep responding.

I also wrote a mail to ask them for a refund or extention due to time lost, but no reply.